Wednesday, April 3, 2013

the goddesses (and gods) of spring

With Springtime just around the bend, I've been brightening my dour moods by collecting pretty images, entertaining dreams of weaving flower crowns, and eagerly awaiting the first blooms to be pressed for safekeeping.  These ladies (and gents) seem to be the epitome of the season in their flowery finery...

Frida Kahlo, the queen of flower crowns...

Truman Capote

The gorgeous photography of the wonderful David Hamilton.

The ethereal Joanna Newsom.

Audrey, donning the most magnificent floral headpiece...

Sisters Catherine Deneuve and Francoise Dorleac.

Roger Daltrey

Lillian Gish, in breathtaking colorized beauty.

Some dashing schoolboys at Eton College.

Jane Birkin

Queen Elizabeth


Brigitte Bardot